How to Write SEO Friendly Article

How to Write SEO Friendly Article: A Handy Guide of SEO Checklist

The major skill that an SEO writer should possess is to craft content that is easy for search engines to understand as well as appealing to the users. You have to go beyond simply writing content for your online business to thrive. All the content starting from your service pages to blog posts to guest posts on third party publications must engage users as well as appeal the search engines.  In this article, we’ll read about what is SEO friendly article and discuss how to write SEO friendly article before we move to a checklist for making SEO friendly articles. 

What is SEO friendly article?

SEO friendly content is made in a way that helps search engines to rank it higher for relevant search results. The process of planning, crafting, and optimizing an article with the primary purpose of ranking good in search engines is referred to as SEO writing. SEO content writing is important for your website, blogs as well as for your social media handles.  

Checklist to write SEO friendly articles

Your searchers can quickly transform into your customers/clients/ readers when you provide them with engaging content consistently. This increases the brand loyalty of your users which in turn helps in increasing your ROI (Return On Investment). Here are a few tactics for how to make SEO friendly article.

Keyword research 

A proper keyword strategy is the pillar of a successful blog. It is necessary to know the keyword volume and keyword trends related to your industry to optimize your blog or page content. Your main service or product pages should contain high volume keywords with lower difficulty level whereas the “child” pages especially blogs or education/ informative articles should chase long-tail keywords.

Related keyword list 

Spend some time to create a list of related keywords for your blogs. It is vital to your overall strategy. During your keyword research, you will discover a list of related keywords. These keywords when implemented will show relevancy to the target main keyword(s) of the post or blog. 

Identify your primary audience and their pain points

You have to identify the type of audience that you are targeting by your content. You have to interact with the departments of your company that interact most with the customers such as customer service, sales, technical support, product management, social media marketing, and product marketing. This helps in determining the struggles of your audience. 

Define your topic area

After your extensive keyword research as well as analysis of the audience requirements, the main challenge is to structure your topics for the content. The topic area will guide your audience research, keyword research, and SEO content creation. 

Engaging and optimized title tags 

Besides having engaging content, you must also have an engaging and well-optimized title tag or headline. For bringing your article to the searcher’s notice, you have to have a heading that garners attention towards your article. For SEO purposes, you must use the primary keyword in the title and keep the title around 60 characters. The title must also establish credibility and create curiosity about the topic of your article. 

Write your content 

After coming up with an engaging title,  write a well-researched content that answers all the questions of your audience. It is recommended to craft lengthy contents as lengthy contents are stuffed with the bulk of information that consists of your primary keywords as well as your relevant keywords. Here’s a detailed guide to how to make SEO friendly content strategy.

Meta description

Though the title tag is the main ranking factor in search engines, meta tag, or meta description has a significant impact on who clicks through your website. A good meta description consisting of the target keywords and top volume-related keywords can be helpful in strengthening the title tag. If the searched keywords are naturally bold in the meta description, it enhances the user experience (UX).

Optimize the page from the top 

Scan from the top of the page and make sure that you optimize the following with the keywords in your mind.

  • URL structure 
  • Title tags 
  • Subheading or header tags 
  • Image alt text or caption

Keyword frequency 

Keyword frequency is the number of times a keyword appears on your blog. Out of 200 ranking factors that search engines consider while ranking a website, the Keyword density of your website has an effective impact on the organic ranking of your website. A keyword density of your website greater than 5.5% can be penalized by Google for keyword stuffing. 

Things to remember while writing SEO friendly article 

In this section of the article, we’ll quickly go through a checklist that focuses on how to write SEO friendly article.

  1. Find a target keyword and use it as your primary keyword
  2. Use long-tail keywords 
  3. Research what people want to know about
  4. Write lengthy contents as they tend to rank better in Google
  5. Write a title tag and meta tag or meta description which is well optimized with the target keyword or related keywords 
  6. Use short sentences and paragraphs 


Every successful business or organization regardless of its product or services requires a good content strategy to thrive and get quality traffic. For long term success, a well-written and well-optimized content is mandated. Strong digital content is the optimal solution for ROI (Return On Investment). This ROI can be compounded with strong organic content getting stronger with each free click. The quality of your content plays a pivotal role in generating more leads and brings more traffic to your website. You can consider the aforementioned steps or tactics as a proverbial roadmap for how to write SEO friendly article. 

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