Outsourced SEO Services: To hire or not to hire an seo agency

Outsourced SEO Services: To hire or not to hire an seo agency

A good SEO strategy is a must when you need to increase the visibility of your business. With the booming technology, you might have come across the term outsourcing. A company might consider outsourcing their SEO services to scale their business for growth and provide more robust services to the clientele. In this article, we’ll discuss outsourced SEO services, its benefits, and how to go about selecting an SEO agency or SEO firm. 

What are outsourced SEO services?

SEO Outsourcing involves hiring or partnering with a third party search engine optimization company, SEO agency, or an individual SEO expert who have in-depth experience of providing search engines related services such as on-page optimization (keywords, metadata, blog), off-page optimization (social media, link building, guest posts), and technical SEO. Most of the SMB’s, startups, and enterprises use outsourced seo services because it provides cost-effective solutions and high level of expertise as compared to setting up an inhouse team. 

Benefits of outsourced SEO services

It is a widely known fact that SEO is the best form of marketing and helps gain competitive advantage. However, little is discussed around why hiring seo agencies is a better choice as compared to having a full fledged team inhouse, below we have discussed the advantages of outsourced seo services:

SEO expertise 

There’s no fixed method of getting more traffic to your website. Google keeps upgrading its algorithms every week and ranks a website for over 200 factors before listing it on the first page of search results. It takes a great deal of expertise and knowledge to find good keywords that helps you generate traffic and conversion. Hence one of the foremost reasons for outsourcing SEO services to the best SEO agencies is their specialized proficiency. With a highly learned and experienced SEO team of a search engine optimization company, you can definitely expect your desired results.

Time and effort

Setting up an in-house team for end to end seo solution can be time consuming and a costly affair. Depending on the needs you would need a pool of content writers, Seo analyst, seo experts, and a content marketing team. In general it becomes difficult to hire so many people without having returns. But outsourced seo services take away all the hustle and provide you with one manager who is responsible to drive results. Outsourcing SEO services from the best SEO agencies or SEO firms is generally a welcomed decision.

Cost efficiency 

Cost is one of the biggest factors for every company as there is a fixed marketing budget. Most companies use a combination of digital marketing techniques to achieve a variety of results. Setting up an entire department for SEO usually is an expensive affair and a long term commitment as ranking your websites higher in SERPs is not a job of one or two days. Whereas if you outsource your SEO services to search engine optimization companies, the quote is usually competitive with guaranteed results. SEO agencies generally charge a one time setup fee or a retainer fee depending on the engagement which works out to be extremely beneficial for both the parties. 

Increased competence 

With all the years of experience, SEO experts know the best ways of solving all the SEO related issues using the best and apt SEO techniques. When you consider outsourced SEO services these experts make sure that they solve all the errors efficiently and help you increase the productivity and growth of your company. This is important because Google takes in over 200 factors into consideration and penalizes sites that are using foul methods to get better rankings.

Increased conversion rate

A lot of people know the basics of SEO but it’s only a handful who have the expertise, knowledge and ability to understand your business to provide a unique solution that would help you drive conversions SEO experts are able to map competition, industry, trends, and guide customers through each sales funnel. This process helps your brands to establish leadership and gain quality leads. Hence, shortlisting good seo firms or seo agencies is also vital. Better quality leads help you increase your ROI.

Things to consider before you outsource SEO 

There are a few important things to consider before you decide to outsource your SEO service. We discuss the top four considerations to take into account that would help you take informed decision:

Goals, timeline, and budget

SEO is complex and a long term commitment. So, it is important to know what you want to achieve, is it brand leadership, community engagement, lead generation, or a combination of above. And define the timeline, minimum timeline for SEO is six months to a year or two depending on your domain. Lastly, do you have a budget that you can commit to as returns are not instant. Once you have an answer to these, you will be half way in understanding whether you should opt for outsourced SEO services or not. If you need help with a small part of SEO, you can consider a DIY solution as it is more cost-effective. If you need help with several parts of SEO, ensure that you hire an SEO agency that provides you with a holistic SEO management strategy from content creation, keyword research to on-page, and technical SEO. 

Brand positioning

When a partner is onboarded, it is important to see that they understand or are willing to understand your business and the brand positioning. SEO is a major driver that helps establish a brand perception in the minds of your users, so it is extremely vital that the seo agency you are looking to hire has a business acumen and thirst to be a partner instead of being an executioner.

Cost Benefit analysis

SEO is the most cost-effective long term solution to gain inbound leads. However, employing a good seo agency is not cheap, it is a commitment to a minimum of year long investment to be able to reap results. So, it is advisable to assign lead acquisition cost and check the ROI over a period of time. 

Strategic impact

Before outsourcing SEO services, you need to evaluate how much of your marketing strategies rely on SEO. If you already have an existing SEO plan that is contributing a great deal to your marketing strategy, you might consider outsourcing your SEO services to grow and optimize your efforts. 


Outsourced SEO services are highly in demand because of the benefits it provides to businesses of all scales. SMB’s partners with SEO agencies to generate leads and increase brand awareness while enterprises usually need services of SEO agencies to manage, maintain, and scale their SEO efforts. If you are looking for the best seo India companies, feel free to reach out to us.

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