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Wysa Case Study

Wysa Case Study

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Social Media Marketing

Client Introduction

Wysa is a global leader in AI-driven mental health support combining the easy anonymity of chatting with an AI bot with clinically validated therapeutic interventions. 


  1. Increase engagement on social media, i.e., LinkedIn, Twitter.
  2. Set up blog site to rank better for keywords.

Digital Marketing Services Journey

Being a mental health domain, we had to work with intense care and attention. We had to understand the profoundness of the domain and collaborate with therapists. Mental Health domain is critically scrutinized by Google and other search engines. Only government based sites are ranked on the first pages. 

We created content clusters to be able to cover wide varieties of topics and each umbrella topic had many blogs to rank for peripheral terms. The writing cycles were longer because we had therapists giving sign offs.

In parallel, we worked on creating social strategy which includes a couple of conversations with therapists and a lot of thinking through the messages.


We were able to gain 217% increase in the engagements on Wysa’s Twitter and LinkedIn accounts within a span of six months.

"Saloni built our marketing function from scratch, taught us about content marketing, who to hire, what tools to use, what metrics to track, and single handedly built the function."

Jo Aggarwal

Founder, Wysa

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