Which Activities Will Not Help With Lead Generation

Which Activities Will Not Help With Lead Generation - Do's and Don'ts

“Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.” — Brian Tracy

This quote by Brian Tracy pretty much sums up all you need to know about lead generation. The right intent goes a long way in putting the right foundation for a successful business. But now that one has a strong foundation, what must one do to boost lead generation? Or more importantly, which activities will not help with lead generation in your business? In this article, we dive deep into both these questions.

What Is Lead Generation?

 A lead is a potential customer who expresses interest in your goods or services. Thus, the method through which you create this interest and add people to your sales funnel is known as lead generation. This is most likely to occur in inbound lead generation when a person submits a form with their contact information.

To generate leads for their companies and increase conversion rates, marketers, especially those in the business-to-consumer sector, rely on a variety of channels including outsourced SEO, paid advertisements, via social media, email, and landing pages.

Which activities will not help with lead generation - 4 top reasons

Here are the top four causes of probable failure for your lead-generating endeavors.

1. Lack of clarity

Working in the dark on your lead generation approaches is challenging, and employing 25 different approaches simultaneously won't make your vision any clearer.

The better strategy is to test out one lead-generating strategy and sort out which activities will not help with lead generation at a time to see what is effective. Prior to discarding techniques that don't appear helpful in achieving your goals, make sure to let the outcomes resolve themselves and prove themselves effective.

You may put into practice the methods that prove effective and stop spending time on those that aren't once you have a clear understanding of what is and which activities will not help with lead generation.

2. Ineffective promotional tactics

You'll struggle with understanding which activities will not help with lead generation if you don't put to right use the many marketing platforms that are currently available. This makes having a strong web presence very important.

Before directing your efforts towards lead generation, be sure to work on building the reputation of your company. Create interesting material, communicate through different channels whenever you can, accept guest posts, provide white papers, etc.

Credibility-boosting thought leadership pieces are quite helpful in this regard. These articles establish your business as one to trust and turn to for advice by keeping up with, staying ahead of, and explaining trends and news in your sector.

3. Misunderstanding the target audience

Not everyone is a potential buyer of your business product. Make this your guiding principle, only then can you put in effort in the right direction.

Make a descriptive profile of your audience. Determine who will need and purchase your product and why, and then develop ads that are tailored to the demands of that demographic.

4. Lack of an organized process trail

The greatest lead-generating strategies are "always on," reliable, and methodical. A good process has all of its related metrics, procedures, people, and technology defined, from the top of the funnel through the closing stage.

Successful lead-generating techniques don't operate like campaigns as we now understand them. Instead, they operate more like reliable supply chains that generate quality leads and steady revenues as opposed to activities that will not help with lead generation.

4 effective lead generation tricks

Now that we know which activities will not help with lead generation, let us dive into the tactics that WILL result in lead generation.

Review the messaging on your homepage to start generating leads

The majority of marketers see the most traffic coming from their homepage. If you've been aggressively advertising your website, search engines, social networking websites, and other sources, people who will interact with your posts will be redirected to your homepage. Don't you believe that analyzing and improving your homepage messaging would help you produce more leads given the high volume of traffic it receives?

Some tips to revitalize your homepage are to Include a list of the most recent posts and five sticky posts. To let your readers locate your greatest material as soon as they get on your blog site, you can also add a must-read section to your sidebar.

Include direct links to your webinars in your article

Here is perhaps the most important advice for lead generation- do a webinar! Webinars have benefits beyond what we generally perceive.

A webinar is a comparatively inexpensive approach to reaching a focused audience that specifically requested your message when they registered. So much so that according to 52% of marketers, webinars and seminars are the best channels for attracting targeted leads.

Furthermore, another benefit is that your leads will take you more seriously if you can organize a webinar and convert your webinar audience into a customer by linking them immediately to your content. The fact that you've already given them something of value before asking them to sign up, drives trust and the chances of a converted lead.

Use Google to ease the sign-in process

Because Google allows you to customize your efforts, you should use it as your login. When you see and communicate with your consumers as individuals rather than as a group, effective marketing becomes an active process. This is especially effective thanks to the popularity of Google that the majority of internet business owners, content marketers, and bloggers have a Google account.

The social sphere has made the web more convenient for us. Today, reputable websites like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter keep our complete names, home addresses, phone numbers, and other information. This has enabled marketers to design a flexible and straightforward sign-up path. By reducing the quantity of data that clients must provide in the forms, you may attract more customers to your business. 

You may just ask people to join up using Facebook or Google since those sites already have all of their personal information. For instance, if you wish to join Pinterest, you may sign up using your Facebook account.

Have separate sales staff and lead generation teams

You must continuously test your landing page features, such as the headline, subtitles, bullet points, call-to-actions, and more if you want to convert the landing page visitors and advance your lead generation efforts. 

The sales team is primarily focused on the act of selling something, which is the exchange of products and services for cash. The lead generation team raises brand awareness for a product. The two definitions make it clear that lead generation is not the same as selling, which makes it essential to make two distinct teams for maximum output.

Lead generation - do’s and don’ts

The goal of running a business is ultimately the generation of revenue which is directly dependent on the quality of leads generated. Knowing what to do and which activities will not help with lead generation is essential to strike that right balance and improve both trust and turnover.  

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