Internal linking for SEO: What and why?

What Is Internal linking for SEO and Why Is It Important?

When it comes to SEO, curating your content well is the key. Every element and effort we add to content, affect our SEO and page ranking in some way or the other. Link building in SEO is one of those factors that can greatly help our SEO. As we know, link building is often classified as external and internal link building. Let us see how these factors are important and how internal linking in SEO in particular is beneficial for your website. 

What is link building in SEO?

Link building in SEO is quite simply the process of linking a page to another page. In this process, you aim to establish relevant links from a website or external domains for pages of your own website. More relevant or higher quality links can help you achieve a better chance of featuring higher on search engine result pages. 

What is external and internal linking in SEO? 

Now that we know what is link building, it will be easy to understand the two main types of link building. These include external links and internal links. As the name suggests, external link building is when you establish links from your article to an external website other than your own domain. On the other hand, internal linking in SEO allows you to build links between different pages of the same website.

Benefits of internal linking in SEO

Internal linking is one of the important aspects of SEO practices that is not discussed enough. Though external linking has great benefits the benefits of internal linking in SEO cannot be denied. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy with relevant internal linking in SEO. 

1. Better usability for users

Internal links in SEO can be very useful in helping the reader understand the context or even certain terms and definitions that appear in your text. This can prove extremely useful when done with relevant anchor text that is used for the internal linking in SEO. 

2. Internal linking helps spread the Link juice

Link juice is a common term used to describe the fact that link building with higher authority websites can help spread the relevancy of the links built with that website. When it comes to internal linking in a particular page of your website, the target page also links to other pages from your website. Thus when a high authority page is linked to that particular page, internal linking in SEO helps spread the potency of that high authority link. 

3. Internal links in SEO improve page views

Internal linking is all about linking the relevant anchor text to other pages from your website. Thus when a user reads a page, a relevant internal link then can take them to another page that they might find useful. Thus internal linking in SEO helps in boosting page views while proving useful for the reader. 

4. Internal linking helps improve page rank

Page rank can be defined as a measure of how important a webpage is depending on the number of high authority SEO backlinks that the page has. The higher the page rank, the higher does the page feature on a search engine result. Thus this considerably further spreads the link juice from a webpage with a higher page rank to other web pages. 

5. Internal linking reduces the bounce rate

To understand how internal linking in SEO can reduce bounce rate, let us understand what it is first. Bounce rate is a metric of measuring how many people leave your website after only going through one webpage. Thus a lower bounce rate signifies that after using one webpage a user also reads other related web pages which can be done with proper internal linking. As a relevant internal link leads the user to other pages, the bounce rate considerably decreases. 

Achieve the best results with internal linking in SEO

Link building, both internal and external, can prove very useful in your SEO journey. Keeping in mind the user intent and user ease can help in using relevant anchor text for linking building in SEO. This not only helps you rank higher on the search engine results page but also proves your usefulness for your readers.

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