The coming of Chammach

The coming of Chammach


Deciding the brand story of your company can be a time-consuming process for founders. However, whilst working with the founders of my ex-companies it was always difficult for me to understand the level of control exercised and the amount of time taken by the founders to make this decision.

After months of exercise, understanding perspectives, and shortlisting the personality, principles, values, and culture, you start building a brand story. And honestly out of all the responsibilities and activities of digital marketing, this may just be the most difficult to accomplish.

I would always think why? And today probably I have an answer as I begin my journey with ‘Chammach’.

The Branding Exercise

As is industry practice, we began with the brand exercise and listed out our core values. Our core values are simplicity, clarity, perfection, and elegance. 


The world of digital marketing still thrives on fancy jargon and varied fields, that can sound very complicated to users. We want to present our services, the KPI’s, the timeline upfront in a language they understand. Setting up the right expectation is absolutely fundamental to us.


One strategy does not fit all. It’s absolutely important to understand the client’s goals, timelines, budget, and have at least a preliminary understanding of their domain. And then to be honest with clients if their expectation was realistic or achievable. We believe honesty is the best policy; even if we don’t end up having you as our clients, we wanted to be sure that we build a relationship.  


As we begin to work together, we want to assure our clients that we go to the last mile to design, execute, and report our KPI’s within the best of our capabilities. We deliver what we promise and in most cases, we strive for and end up achieving much more. We respect our work and your money.


The depth of this word is difficult to explain. But as Giorgio Armani says, “Elegance is not being noticed, it’s about being remembered.” We want to be remembered for our ability to find simple solutions to complex problems, for being adaptable, for finding harmony, and for having the highest morals where co-existence and growth are possible for all. 

Naming the company

This was truly the most difficult part. Not that I have an experience of setting up a company or that the legal work was any easier but thinking of the name was the most difficult task.

We were thinking of all sorts of names. And being a marketer, my brain was half occupied with the SEO value of the URL and the name. From thinking straight-up SEO friendly name ‘The SEO Company’ to a more contextual name ‘The Catalyst’, we went on a crazy ride. 

But we were not happy. The names above neither represented our core values nor were they memorable. They were meaningful, yes. But were they impactful? No. (when I kept on repeating this sentence, I did get a lot of stares from the team. I felt the pain) 

Surprisingly, it took us only 5 minutes to decide on the name ‘Chammach’. While the discussion on naming the company was going on, a colleague asked out loud, ‘where is the chammach (spoon)?’. And all of us unanimously said, ‘that’s it, that’s the name’. P.S.: The look on his face was priceless.

Chammach has been in existence since ancient times. It is simple, elegant, and just perfect. It serves its purpose and is an essential part of dining. And it’s such a frequently used word in India that it is nearly impossible to forget once you hear it. It was meaningful and impactful. And that’s how we named ourselves ‘Chammach’.

Logo Design

We had the name but there was one small challenge; every shape we thought of with chammach felt like a restaurant or a food service. We again found ourselves in a tough position of having to represent ourselves as a digital marketing company with the shape of chammach at our disposal. 

The design head at Chammach had had enough. And he kept asking us what is it that you want to represent? We were coming up with the obvious answers: digital marketing, social media, people, connectivity. And none of them made sense. 

We went back to our branding exercise and saw the definition of marketing that we live by. 

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories that you tell.”
- Seth Godin. 

And we had our answer. We wanted to represent storytelling in our logo. We wanted to let everyone know that marketing is good communication. And hence the logo symbolizes ‘ink pen’ with its needle taking the form of Chammach.  

Colors and Typography

We’ve used three colors all across our website: red, black, and white. Red evokes passion and represents trend while white brings harmony and clarity, and black balances the extremes and adds elegance to the whole look and feel.

We have used Inter font, a variable font family carefully crafted and designed for computer screens as it aids readability. Being a Google font it loads quickly and helps increase the website speed.

The communication guideline

While writing the website content, we followed a simple principle of being user friendly. We’ve tried to use everyday language explaining our services in commonly used terms and being completely jargon-free. While writing, we also kept reminding ourselves that we want to be crisp, clear, and conversational. 

Yes, we have added the keywords all throughout the website but we try to keep our reader’s mind off them by using them only in places that seemed appropriate. 

Until our next story... 

We truly hope that you enjoyed the branding of Chammach and could connect with our core values. We look forward to hearing from you. Share your comments, thoughts, and feedback on our branding and identity or reach out to us for your digital marketing needs.

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