Guest Posting in SEO - The Ultimate Guide

Guest Posting in SEO - The Ultimate Guide

Running out of SEO strategies to implement? The best SEO companies in India swear by guest posting in SEO and the world of difference it can make. While digital marketing companies can make the process much easier, here are the do’s, don'ts, and why’s related to the best guest posting practices in the industry. 

How does guest posting in SEO work?

The act of publishing an article on another person's website is known as guest posting.

To generate what industry experts call referral traffic, people do this to increase brand recognition and traffic to their own websites.

The first steps to begin guest posting in SEO

guest posting in SEO

To get the best out of your guest posting efforts, start small. Here are some steps to set the right foundation for your guest posting dreams.

1. Set Your Goals for Guest Blogging

Your first duty before we start is to choose your guest blogging aim. Knowing your objective in advance will help you choose the proper blogs to send guest articles to. Three basic objectives are typically set for guest posting.

  • Presenting oneself as an expert and well-known figure in the field.
  • Gaining exposure and returning visitors to your website.
  • Creating links to point to your website

2. Have the right intentions for guest posting in SEO

Why would anybody want to publish an essay if its sole purpose is to further their own interests (links, branding, etc.)? And more importantly, why would an external audience be interested in it? 

Hence, before guest blogging in SEO, consider the following:

  • Who benefits from your article?
  • Is anyone interested in reading it?
  • What details will be presented that are distinct from what Google has previously ranked?
  • Has this subject reached saturation in the SERPs?

Now, it's time to get to the crux of the matter

You know what your goals with guest posting in SEO are and now you are ready to dive straight into it! But wait, where DO you post these guest posts?

Finding guest post targets is step one. Find a website where you may guest post to the right audience.

Tested techniques for findings the right websites that welcome guest posts

Give these methods a try and find the right guest posting website for your first guest post!

Method 1: Google search terms

So you’ve already tried the standard "keyword" + "write for us" combination? Let us help you further! Try these keywords:

  • “guest post”
  • “write for us”
  • “guest article”
  • “guest post opportunities”
  • “this is a guest post by”
  • “contributing writer”
  • “want to write for”
  • “submit blog post”
  • “contribute to our site”

Method 2: Reverse Image Search on Google

This one’s a new trick in the trade.

Find someone who regularly produces guest articles in your niche first. Secondly, note the URL of the author's headshot that is used there. Put that URL into Google's reverse image search to finish. Now you have the entire list of websites that the author wrote for!

Method 3: Analyze the backlinks of your niche competitors

Here is where you analyze a website that is doing well in your niche's backlink profile.

For instance, find a website that is ranking well for a number of keywords related to your industry. Enter the homepage URL into Semrush and voila! Semrush will give you a whole list of backlinks that the website has!

The best part of this method is that you may uncover websites that aren't overtly promoting the fact that they accept guest posts. In less than 5 minutes, you can literally identify 10 and more high-quality websites on which the top-ranking website has guest blogged.

But, what guest post do I write?

Excellent question! With 100s of articles written every day, how do you know what’s the best topic to pick?

Just find out which posts perform the best. You should present any blog or site owner with ideas that will resonate with their readership if you want your guest post to be approved. Use the following websites to examine what posts have been well-liked on social media to nail some solid ideas for themes that will appeal to that blog's loyal audience.

  • Oktopus: Oktopus monitors and analyses your social media activity.
  • Digg: This will display the blog entries with the highest number of Digg votes.
  • Buzzer: Buzzer offers statistics and analytics in addition to scheduling your social media updates.

How to write a mind-blowing guest post in SEO

Once you’re done with that, here are a handful of sure-fire ways to nail guest posting in SEO!

1. Look at the most read articles on your target website

These most-read blogs are occasionally included in the sidebar of the blog. Alternatively, you may use a program (like Semrush) that displays the finest content from any blog. These themes are known to increase shares, traffic, and comments regardless of how you discovered them.

2. Continue onto BuzzSumo

Now, THIS is a fantastic resource for locating hot topics in your industry. Bloggers obviously prefer to write on themes that are more current and popular because it is bound to increase their traffic. They are therefore far more inclined to accept anything that is related to a current event or trend relevant to that website’s niche.

3. Take a look at their previous guest postings

What have other guest bloggers previously posted on that website? This will give you a better picture of the criteria the site owner uses to evaluate articles for guest posting in SEO.

Keep your article trendy and useful keeping in mind the expectations of the readers for that website. Make your writing compelling and scientifically supported, for example, if you're writing as a business expert. Dissect your concepts. Make a note of the questions that arise from your initial research done before you begin writing the guest post in SEO. In your post, try and answer these questions to provide value to your readers.

Get posting!

Nailing your SEO efforts needs you to be on top of the game and be on track with the happenings of your niche. Catching your target website or blog’s attention is all about standing out from the crowd using already available information presented with a refreshing angle.

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